Struggling trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Wanting to dream, wanting to be free, but it wasn’t working. I was stuck, couldn’t figure out how to make life. For years I had wondered how some people seemed so happy and successful and loved their lives while I hated mine. I longed for this joy.

I met many wealthy people in my business at the time Aerospace, but what I didn’t find was many happy ones. It was my quest to find happiness and peace as well ask wealth. I tried to unlock this secret all through my thirties. What I didn’t realize was I already knew the secret. That the true way to happiness, peace and wealth was through eduction.

Not the education I got in business school when I got my MBA, but education brought by people who had lived the lives I aspired to live. The secret: books, tapes, functions.

I know I am dating my self with tapes, but when I learned this that is what we had. Now that could be replaced with audiobooks, podcasts, mp3s and of course awesome MorningCoach CoachCasts. They key is to be getting something positive every day in your life and learn.
Let me break down all three of these in this process.

1. Books
One of the best ways to gain knowledge is through reading. It is magical, and with new reading devices we have no excuse to not get this wisdom. Think about it for $25 or less you can get an entire philosophy or education. It is one of the best investments you can make.

My focus in this process is to read 4-10 books a month. I would suggest if you do not want to be that aggressive that you do at least 1 book a month. Work on your reading speed. It is one of the keystone skills. The quicker you can read the more you can learn and the more can come to you.

2. Tapes (Mp3s)
This literally changed my life. I have gotten so much from listening to amazing coaches and teachers. I had always heard that you needed 30 minutes of listening to something positive on a daily basis. I found listening to audiobooks for me was the key. As I gained more knowledge I wanted to have one system.

This system did not exist so in 2006 I created which has now helped thousands of people get the inspiration and positive energy they need every morning. I actually listen to my own CoachCasts every day.

I would suggest you get in the habit of listening to something every day. I personally listen to 1-2 audiobooks a week and MorningCoach every day. Find an audio plan that works for you.

3. Functions (event)
I have met the most amazing people by getting out and getting the energy. You can only learn so much on your own you eventually need to get out and get around other people. It builds belief, creates accountability, and will change your life.

I go to an event or function every quarter. I want to feel the recharge. At a minimum you should be going to at least 2 events a year. Again, I did not see what I needed so I started 2 events you can always come to. Here are the two events:

Awaken My Life Summit – this is held every February in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Lifestyle Design Summit – this is held every October in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Make sure you put an event section in your budget so you always have the extra money ready to go. This has become one of my favorite places in my budget to save for. I always put a small amount away for events so when something great is good I pull it from there.

These three areas have changed my life. They truly are the secret to getting the knowledge that is going to lead to true success which involves peace, happiness, joy, love, and wealth. You can have it all with some dedication and time.

I will leave you with one last thing. Masterminds are AMAZING. If I added a 4th tip on here it would be to join a Mastermind. I put one together called the Inner Circle, and it is my family. When you have others around you to move you forward you will be amazed at the energy you create.

No matter where you are at in your life you can make an investment in these areas. If things are not working they way you want them, then start to apply this process of books, tapes and functions and watch what happens.

Massive love to you, love to hear your comments.

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