JB has created a gem! The Sacred 6 is an fun, interesting and easy read that really packs a punch. I love the way JB has created process to achieve the life we all dream about. I have read stacks and stacks of self development books and The Sacred Six sits near the top.

Bob Negen

Retail Expert, Author and Speaker

The Sacred 6 program offers a direct path to see what’s important in your life. It then helps you define clear goals so you put your energy into getting the life you want. In a nutshell, it’s designed to align the real you with your calling. Thanks JB for giving the world a tested blueprint so the world can live the life they were intended.”


James Ashcroft

He is the Bruce Springsteen of motivational speakers. Rolls up his sleeves and gets down to business. Delivering with tremendous energy, while systematically taking you through the journey to a more productive, peaceful, secure and abundant life. Guiding his tribe at Morning Coach for years and now expanding his reach with the book “The Sacred 6” published by Hay House. The new boss showed up ready to work, and his name is J. B. Glossinger.

Matt Kramer


JB’s Sacred 6, like most great ideas, appears simple, but is absolutely a boiled-down game changer that has made me 1000% more effective and productive! As a TV producer, I used to have a TO DO list of 40-50 items. I would routinely get done a small percentage of that, searching for the easiest thing to do so I could check off enough items that I wouldn’t feel completely defeated by the end of the day. After hearing him touch upon the Sacred 6 in his podcast, I started capping my list at six items… and it worked. JB outlines how you can prioritize based on higher goals and create a winnable day. A mix of Eckhart Tolle, Stephen Covey, Dave Allen, Tim Ferriss, Wayne Dyer and a boat-load of others, JB will wake you up to a method you’ll use every day!

Michael Addis


When it comes to time management, I had to read lots of books, and to follow lots of training. I thought I found a method that worked for me, but I had the feeling this was not enough. What JB Glossinger teaches us in his The Sacred 6 book is a game changer. It is the first method I know which is not only left-brained. Take the 6 figure journey and you will discover a really new way of living your life!

Christophe Lernhould


I have a great deal of respect for not just the brand that is JB Glossinger and MorningCoach but how willing he is to share what he has learned to benefit others. For me, reading The Sacred 6 was an eye opening endeavor. As a speaker, author and CEO, I am an avid reader and spend a lot of time in the personal development field. The phrases “Know Your Why” and “Find Your Passion” have been so overused that they have evolved into what people say when they don’t know what else to say. JB’s ability to humanize and rationalize the need for knowing “Why do I want to do what I tell myself I want to do” stopped me in my tracks and forced me to really assess my own life and priorities.

His writing is easy to read and he gives you the keys to not just the fulfillment of your mission, vision, and goals but the structure and strategies to reach the next level.

If you’re looking for your run of the mill, feel-good-no-strategy motivational book, don’t buy The Sacred 6. If however, you’re willing to read the book and put in the effort to make lasting change in your life, then buy it today.


The Retention Expert

I have read numerous books on following your dreams, building a career from your passion, etc. all are fine, but most don’t deal with real life. JB Glossinger deals with real life and will guide you to actually achieving your goals while living.

JB has provided me many concrete steps and actions to work on that I know I can do to get where I want to be.

Lee Kellogg

Business Owner/Speaker

Just when you thought you were ready to give up and accept life as it is, along comes The Sacred 6. The surprising part is, what you thought you wanted may be what is making you miserable. As JB explains, it’s all about alignment. Reading this book is like having an enthusiastic friend hand you the keys to unlock the life you truly want to live — one that fulfills you at your core.

Victoria Labalme

Internationally Acclaimed Performing Artist & Performance Coach, Founder of Rock The Room

Success and happiness are as much about what you choose not to do, as they are about what you do. JB has written a great book to help you prioritize what matters to you, and how to create the life you love.

Randy Gage

Author of the New York Times bestsellers Mad Genius and Risky Is the New Safe

As a leadership coach, I am always looking for ways to support the growth of my client’s Leader Within. JB provides powerful questions and stories combined with years of experience that takes personal and professional development to an entirely new level. Simply written, heartfelt and powerful, the Sacred 6 is a “how to guide” to not only envision but purse and attain a life’s mission. I am inspired and more determined to move forward with mine, and have more practical tools to use to find more meaningful time in my day.

If you’re not progressing in the direction of your life’s work or find that you’re not moving towards it as fast as you would like – read this book! And at the same time, as JB would advise, remember the victories along the way and live your values in each wonderful moment!

I can’t recommend this book enough to anyone looking for their next success.

Nina Segura

Founder of NinaSegura.com

The Sacred 6 can be a quick read, but to get the most from this amazing book, read slowly and do the exercises in each chapter. It has really helped me to see the incongruences in my goals, values and daily tasks. The exercises have given me the clarity I need to arrange my day to get the most value out of every precious minute. Thank you JB for sharing such a powerful tool that anyone can apply to move rapidly toward their dreams.

Cindy Brown, CPA, MBA

Oh My! I have had the honor to know JB and to work closely with for the last few years and I must say this book blew me away. The Sacred 6 is not just some self-help book it’s a blueprint to taking charge of your life. JB shares his story about how he has risen to the top but what I find so special about the book is its common sense guidelines. JB’s writing comes from his heart and his love to truly help people. The Sacred 6 is a book that you will use for a lifetime and is surely sprinkled with the dust of God.

Bill Cortright

Author of "TRUTH The Ten Minute Life Plan"

In The Sacred 6, James Glossinger introduces a powerful and innovative framework for anyone who is yearning to achieve personal transformation.

Glossinger is a brilliant writer and masterful storyteller, and I found myself hanging on his every word and taking copious notes.

The Sacred 6 is a must-read book for anyone seeking to live their true legacy. Highly recommended.

Ryan Levesque

#1 National Best-Seller Author, Ask.

I am an overachiever multi-tasker. I have to be in order to accomplish everything on my to- do list. In doing so, I am scattered. It has been a way of life for me for many years. AND I DON’T LIKE IT! After reading The Sacred 6, I feel like I have found the answer to my prayers. I can still accomplish all of my goals and feel focused and more at ease while checking off each item on my list. I highly recommend this book to anyone who, like I, wants to accomplish their goals in the most organized and time efficient manner.

Lori S. Wyman, MS, CSA

By writing The Sacred 6 , the amazing JB Glossinger has made the complete transformation from “The Morning Coach”…to the “All Day Coach”…to the “Lifetime Coach.”

In my 35 years in business and marketing, I have never met anyone with more heart and enthusiasm than JB…he truly “listens to his listeners”…and he constantly checks and re-checks what they need and then how he can deliver exactly what they need.

The Sacred 6 is a super-powerful opus written in a “show” style rather than a “tell” style–with moving and inspirational stories from JB’s
own life and from the lives of his readers and listeners.

JB teaches us so much in this book about what is really important as we make order out of chaos in our busy worlds, making sure we are always focused on making the biggest impact we can make.

And he guides us with both deep intelligence and what he calls “childlike enthusiasm”…since both are critical to our growth and ultimate happiness.

This book is a gift to all of us and we are so fortunate JB has shared his journey and all he has learned along the way.

Brian Kurtz

Business Builder of Boardroom Inc. and Serial Direct Marketer

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