Free Sacred Six Course*

You now have the manual to recover your dreams.

As a gift to everyone that supported JB in his book he is giving you this 6 module course designed to take you step-by-step through the Sacred Six process. This is a course valued at $497!

In this course you get the Sacred Six worksheets, weekly video coaching from JB, assignments and activities, text accountability, and so much more to help you rock life!

*Course is free with The Sacred Six book purchase
The Sacred Six Course

Recover Your Dreams

With the Sacred Six Course

MorningCoach was started by JB in June 2005 as a simple audio blog. It evolved into the worlds first personal evolution system and one of the largest personal development communities on the web. Producing daily coaching, monthly master classes, developmental courses, and a community of thousands of people helping each other from around the world. The mission of MorningCoach is to help bring positive energy, peace & prosperity to the world, one person at a time.

JB Glossinger's Inner Circle

JB started his Inner Circle in 2014 with some of the most amazing people in the world.  The Inner Circle is – unconventional thinking about business and life. It is the International Personal Evolution Think Tank. Members gather a three times a year to explore ideas and thoughts and move their business and lives forward.

JB Glossinger's Events

In 2013 JB founded his first annual events. Awaken My Life Summit is a inspirational event that takes place every February in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with the promise of energy and charity. It is timed for February to help people stick with their New Years resolutions set in January.

Lifestyle Design Summit is held every October in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and helps people figure out new ways and ideas to design their lives. People travel from around the world to find new ways to make their dreams come true.

JB does various retreats throughout the year. When you sign up for “Motivational Mondays” e-mail you will be notified of upcoming retreats and other events JB speaks at.

In The Sacred Six, James Glossinger introduces a powerful and innovative framework for anyone who is yearning to achieve personal transformation. Glossinger is a brilliant writer and masterful storyteller, and I found myself hanging on his every word and taking copious notes. The Sacred Six is a must-read book for anyone seeking to live their true legacy. Highly recommended.

Ryan Levesque

#1 National Best-Selling Author, Ask.

I have read numerous books on following your dreams, building a career from your passion, etc. all are fine, but most don’t deal with real life. JB Glossinger deals with real life and will guide you to actually achieving your goals while living.

Lee Kellogg

Business Owner & Speaker

JB’s Sacred Six, like most great ideas, appears simple, but is absolutely a boiled-down game changer that has made me 1000% more effective and productive!  As a TV producer, I used to have a TODO list of 40-50 items And I would routinely get done a small percentage of that, searching for the easiest thing to do so I could check off enough items that I wouldn’t feel completely defeated by the end of the day.   After hearing him touch upon the Sacred Six in his podcast, I started capping my list at six items… and it worked.  JB outlines how you can prioritize based on higher goals and create a winnable day.  A mix of Eckhart Tolle, Stephen Covey, Dave Allen, Tim Ferriss, Wayne Dyer and a boat-load of others, JB will wake you up to a method you’ll use every day!

Michael Addis

Producer & Director

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