For years of my life I couldn’t get a true personal development plan together. I had trouble finding a way to get everything I learned into one structured plan. Then I discovered the Sacred 6 plan. I was able to figure out where I wanted to go and then a way to execute the plan.

The book now is doing amazing and it is helping people around the world move closer to their dreams. It is really amazing getting all the e-mails and messages sent in. A lot of people are reading the book and getting so much more done.
My personal clients are finding more joy, happiness, love and peace buy putting together the plan. A lot of people are asking how long should it take to put it together? Can I use this for business? I wanted to answer both those questions with today’s post.

1. How much time to put together a Sacred 6 plan?

For some people it may take the time to read and use the book. Taking it one chapter at a time. If that is done a chapter a week you are looking at about 6 weeks. In the free course I did with the book purchase you could do that. Watch the videos and read the chapters and do it over 6 weeks which is acceptable.

A lot of people are not that patient and what to get this rolling faster. If that is your case and you have no plan I would suggest a Sacred 6 weekend. I would get the book out, and the class on your computer or tablet. I would then work through each chapter and work over two days. To get the Free 6 Sacred 6 module course with book purchase click here.

Sacred6WeekendDay 1: Focus on the Foundation. Work on the alignment of the mission, values and goals. Watch the videos and take the time to go through each of them. Your time on this day will be between 2 – 8 hours of work.

Day 2: Focus on the action. You are now going to put the plan in place. This is going to be spend on breaking the goals down to projects and daily tasks. Take time to watch the videos and work through this section. Again this should take you between 2 – 8 hours.

If you break this down over a Saturday and Sunday you will come out with an amazing life plan to get you rolling.
If you still want more guidance then I would suggest coming to a Sacred 6 retreat with me. This is a new program I am putting together to help you over two days step by step to help you. These are very limited retreats and for now done by invite only. If you would like to know the dates and the times of the next ones shoot me an e-mail here.

2. Can the Sacred 6 be used for business.

Yes, 100% in fact the first story in the book is how Ivy Lee taught Charles Schwab these methods and they built the steel industries back in the day. I have used this for years in my business and others are adapting the principles on a daily basis. This is the perfect structure for getting the most out of your business and life.

I am putting together a new program for entrepreneurs and business leaders. I will be doing various retreats and programs. If you are interested in these please shoot me an e-mail and I will get you more information as we put it out there. Just reach out to me here.

The Sacred 6 is truly giving life back to so many people and businesses. Take on the Sacred 6 weekend challenge and watch how awesome your plan will be coming out of it.

Much love,


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