Yearly Events

Awaken My Life Summit

Awaken My Life Summit is a inspirational event that takes place every February in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with the promise of energy and charity. It is timed for February to help people stick with their New Years resolutions set in January.

Regardless of the area in your life whether it’s business, relationships, health, fitness, or personal development, there comes a time when we all experience a plateau effect. All of a sudden you find yourself in a stand still state of mind. This event will expose you to not only strategies that will multiply your progress by 10, but will also give you proven techniques that will take you to the next level of the area you are currently working in. The principles, strategies and valuable insight that JB Glossinger and company shares at this event are a result of real world personal experience and expertise.

Lifestyle Design Summit

Lifestyle Design Summit is held every October in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and helps people figure out new ways and ideas to design their lives. People travel from around the world to find new ways to make their dreams come true.

At this event, JB helps you turn your passion into a profitable business that not only gives you money, but also happiness and fulfillment. This one of a kind event that brings people together to help them find the latest resources and tools that will work for their intelligent life design plan. Unlike most business events, Lifestyle Design Summit takes a fresh approach towards helping attendees not only build a business but a lifestyle that’s worth envying.

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